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Welcome to the Academy of St. Therese.  We are so looking forward to meeting you, to getting to know you and your children and to working with you in their education and development.   We understand the importance of the educational choice you are making and therefore want to share with you our educational philosophy and paint for you a picture of what to expect at our Academy.  

Our academic program is set within a warm environment that pays attention to the child’s need for consistent routine or daily schedule. Young children feel more secure when they can predict the  sequence of events and can exercise some control over the environment.   They delight in reminding the teacher that snack time comes next or telling a visitor now we go outside.   Predictability gives the children a rudimentary sense of time as well as helping them to build trust in the environment.  

Young people learn best by exploring and experimenting with real objects. When you visit the classrooms, you will notice the many learning centers where manipulatives, puzzles and other learning materials are easily accessible to the children.  

We, like you, have a delicate and challenging task before us. Already you notice how secure your child feels in the warmth of your home and in the intimacy of family relationships. We replicate, as best we can, that warm and caring environment knowing that the child has a God given need to be connected and to experience a sense of belonging. Building a sense of connection and community is very much part of who we are at the Academy of St. Therese.  


Eileen Walsh