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Academic Honors


Principal's List: 95 or above in the four major subject areas with no grade less than 90.
First Honors: 90 or above in four of the major subject areas with no grade less than 85.
Second Honors: 85 or above in four of the major subjects with no grade less than 80.

To be recognized on the Academic Honors Roster, the student must receive a minimum of “S” in the personal development area in all subjects including art, music, physical education, Spanish and Computer Science. In grading the student in this area, the teacher considers the following:

Preparation: Student comes to class prepared and on time. The student has homework completed and has books, pens, pencils and other needed supplies.
Attentiveness: Student is regularly and consistently attentive and participatory.
Diligence: Student manifests an attitude of responsibility and initiative. The work presented shows thoroughness, neatness and completion.
Cooperation: Student is respectful and demonstrates a spirit of helpfulness. The student does not prevent others from learning by interrupting the class or by speaking out of turn.


The National Junior Beta Honor Society: The purpose of the National Junior Beta Honor Society is to promote the ideals of character, scholarship, service and leadership. Students in the 5 th through 8 th Grade who fulfill the criteria for membership are inducted in the spring term. Inductees fulfill the following requirements:

Citizenship – Good Conduct

Evidence of Academic Achievement, Service, Leadership and Character.

Academic Requirements:

5 th Grade: Principal’s List
6 th Grade: Maintains 1 st Honors
7 th Grade: Maintains 1 st Honors
8 th Grade: Maintains 1 st Honors

New members pay a one time fee of $13.00 and Beta provides membership cards, certificates, Beta pins, Beta Journal subscriptions, access to the National Beta Club website and diploma seals for graduates.



Student of the Month: The Student of the Month Program gives deserved recognition to students who excel in various areas of growth and development consistent with the school philosophy:

Citizenship: the student exemplifies Gospel values of kindness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness of others, follows school regulations, actively participates in class, leads by example. ·

Consistent Application: to Study: the student works to his/her ability at all times. ·

Academic Excellence: the student is recognized for superior performance in academics. Minor as well as major subjects are considered.