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This March, AST Art Teacher Mrs. Fuhrmann traveled to France with the graduate students  of The JHU  School of Advanced International Studies to investigate the French Resistance during WW11.  Mrs Fuhrmann presented as American journalist Varian Fry, who saved over 2000 European authors, artists, scientists and philosophers from the Nazis during 1940-41, many of whom were Jewish.  Effectively shifting the center of the art world from Paris to New York.  Among the people he saved are Franz Werfel, who wrote “ the Song of Bernadette”,  acclaimed artist, Marc Chagall and political philosopher, Hannah Arendt.  This trip brought our American rights of freedom of speech and religion into sharp focus, as well as the great responsibility that comes with those freedoms.  Mrs. Fuhrmann is glad to be home and back to work at AST!