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Fourth Grade




March 2019



The Iowa Assessments will be on March 11-15.

Here are some general suggestions for test-taking that you can share with your child:

Prior to the testing day, make sure your child has got adequate sleep.  A healthy breakfast is important every day, but especially on test day.  To help your child stay focused and alert, he should eat both protein and carbohydrates, such as eggs, oatmeal topped with fruit and milk.  Also, have him bring his sweater in case he feels cold.  Also, let your child know that while you expect him to try his hardest, it’s okay if he doesn’t know all the answers or have time to answer every question.  Just encourage him to do his best!

On testing day, the first thing is to read the directions carefully.  She wouldn’t want to answer all three essay questions if the instructions say to choose two.  Also, encourage her to work at a steady pace and not to linger on questions she is struggling with.  Instead, she can circle or flag the questions, continue working and come back to it.  If she’s filling in a bubble sheet that is separate from the test booklet, she should stop every few questions to make sure the number of the question matches the number on the answer sheet.  Finally, suggest that she double-check her work if she has time.



* Some material adapted from Home and School Connection , Resources for Educators, a division of CCH Inc.