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Fourth Grade






January 2019


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A family reading log could be one of your New Year’s Resolutions.  It is a good way to encourage your child  – and the rest of the family – to read more.  Each day, record the books, newspapers, or magazines you read.  At the end of every month, let your child tally up the total.  Keep going for the entire year to see how much your family can read in 2018!

Find the Good

Another resolution could be to find the good in others.  I overhear students talking about their classmates and others as “annoying” or “gross,” for example, so I often talk to students about this.  I explain that they do not have to be best friends with everyone, but they do need to try to get along with them.  Just as grown-ups do in the workplace or in the community.  I suggest that rather than gossiping about classmates, they can find one thing that they do like about that person.  Maybe someone she wouldn’t want to invite over to play happens to make a good reading buddy in class or really can explain math solutions well.  You can show what a nice person you are by always being pleasant and good mannered - even to people you don't like.  And when all else fails, remember the proverb, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”


* Some material adapted from Home and School Connection , Resources for Educators, a division of CCH Inc.