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Physical Education & Health


Mrs. Cutro's Physical Education Program

Physical Education class is a great time to play with classmates, exercise and try new sports. My students will learn about healthy lifestyle choices, cooperative play and good sportsmanship
The Academy of Saint Therese Physical Education Program strives to teach all students the fundemental of movement. These basic movements include, but are not limited to: throwing, catching, kicking, striking, running, jumping, skipping and dodging.
A variety of individual and group activities are used to attain these fundemental skills. A primary goal is to help each student feel comfortable when engaging in physical activity and help them achieve basic competency in each activity covered. The following is a list of some units covered throughout the school year:  soccer, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, kickball, baseball/softball, tennis, dance, bowling, cooperative game, leisure activity (badminton, tag, golf, etc).

Please make sure your child/children are appropriately dressed on gym days.

(Please refer to Student Handbook)