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PreKindergarten 3


                  Have a great summer!!

     Can not wait to meet everyone in


Below is a example of our day in our Pre-k 3 classroom. The example below does not  include our schedule for our specials which include: Art, Science,Religion, Physical Education, Music and Technology.   
  Arrival:   The children unpack their backpacks and take out their folders and lunch  boxes.
  Morning Centers: include 6 rotating station.
  Morning meeting: Where we start our day, we Pray and salute the flag,  calendar work, weather,                
  alphabet review, and the classroom jobs are assigned for the day.
  Centers:  Are based on what the children are working on as well as self pace/ teacher  activities.
  Play Time: Maybe both, free choice and  teacher directed.
  Small Group: individual work.
  Snack Time:  Healthy snacks helps your brain.
  Library Time:  Quietly look through a book of their choice looking for the letters of the day.
  Centers: Work on the letter of the day and math activities.
  Lunch Time.
  Quiet time/ Nap
  End of day Centers.
  Pack up to go home. 

Your Child's PreK 3 team of teachers this year are Ms. Iannone, and Mrs. Hurst here at the Academy of St. Therese.

Please feel free to look at our photos and read about the great things the children will be working on.  

If we can answer any questions you have regarding the Pre-K 3 program please feel free to contact either one of us at  or   


PreK 3 Supply List:

Full School Day Children : The children will need a sleeping mat. Please  purchase the type with the attached pillow and blanket.  

All Children Full or Half Day:   1 Backpack: Large enough for their folder that will be sent home everyday.

                                               1 Water Bottle: Please do not send in the large stainless steel  water bottle with 

                                                 the screw off top. Please purchase a water bottle with a sippy  top or 

                                                 straw that  closes securely.

                                                1 Two Pocket Folder: The children can choosethe  design.

                                                4 Large or Jumbo size Glue Stick. Please no blue ones.

                                                1 Box: Yellow High Lighters.

                                                2 Rolls: of Paper Towels.

                                                2 Containers of Baby Wipes.

                                                 2 Containers of Clorox or Lysol Wipes. 

                                                1 Package of Plastic Spoons.



Please click on the links below to see photographs of the children as they learn and grow through out the year.