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Welcome to the Resource Room

The Academy of St. Therese is very fortunate to have a resource room to accommodate children who need additional help in basic skills. The resource teacher also facilitate the testing of children who require further evaluation by Bergen County Special Services.
Here at the Academy of St. Therese we strive to help each and every child be successful and reach their full potential.

*IMPORTANT Forms for Comensatory Education and Supplemental Support/Classification

White 407- 1 Form

  • Students who are classified are sent home 2 WHITE 407-1 forms.

    • ​One form is for supplemental support provided by Bergen County Special Services as stated in your child's ISP
    • One form is the Annual Review Meeting or Re-Evaluation for next year depending on what each individual child is up for.
  • Students who receive SPEECH SERVICES will receive one WHITE 407-1 form with Speech checked off.

Blue 407-1 Form

  • Students who received the BLUE 407-1 form qualified for compensatory education (extra help) based on their standardized test scores.
  • Students can receive compensatory education in the area of Reading/Writing and/or Math.
    • ​The forms sent home identify which services your child qualifies for.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
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