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Second Grade

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Sensational Year

The second grade is ready to go to third grade.  They learned how to add and subtract:  single digit numbers, two-digit numbers, and three-digit numbers..  They learned about place value to 1000.  The students used operations with data and graphs.  The children learned about solid figures and plane figures.  They learned about money and time.  The class enjoyed learning about fractions and probability.  Measurement gave the children an opportunity to see math in the real world.  We ended the year learning about multiplication and division.

The Superkids helped us learn different reading strategies.  We grew with these characters as we added words to our vocabularies.  The children read sixteen different books as part of the Superkids Book Club.  They also enjoyed  eight issues of Super Magazine with the opportunity to read many different nonfiction articles.  The second grade class became published authors.  They wrote poems, autobiographies, letters, personal stories, and reports.  They even published their own Super Magazine!

The second grade learned many different things in Religion class.  This year in addition to the regular Religion lessons, the second grade spent part of the year preparing for First Reconciliation.  In the spring they eagerly prepared to receive their First Communion.  It was a very special year!  They also learned about the Liturgical Year, saints, and the parts of the Mass.

Science class gave the class a chance to learn about the world around them.  The children learned about plants and animals.  They learned about the Earth's land, air and water.  The class also learned about weather and the seasons.  Fossils and dinosaurs brought the class back in time.  Learning about physical science: properties of matter, energy, and force gave the children a chance to look at the world around them in a different way.

 In social studies the class learned about the communities they live in as well as the world around us.  They learned about working together.  The second grade learned about our country today and long ago.  Finally, they had a chance to learn about people and places in history.  What a year!

Our Passport Project had us travelling to a different country every month.  The class travelled and learned about the traditions and cultures of Italy, Greece, France, England, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Mexico.  It was so much fun travelling around the world.  

Take a look at the links to pictures of some of the special projects the class completed as part of our STREAM program.

                                              Mrs.   Mays