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Second Grade


                             March Madness

The second grade is working hard learning how to add and subtract three- digit numbers.  They are even regrouping twice!   In Superkids, the class has been enjoying the Superkids Book Club.  They read Love and Roast Chicken and Pinky and Rex and the Bully.   The class has been writing  book reviews for the Book Club books and their library books.  The second graders are becoming accomplished authors.  They  published their imaginary stories.  They even wrote blurbs for their classmates stories. The class is now working on a research report. In science class the children learned about fossils and dinosaurs.  For their STREAM class they made models of different dinosaurs using marshmallows, straws, and toothpicks.  The second grade travelled to Australia in March as a part of our Passport Project.  The children learned about the culture, history, and famous sights.  During our trip, the children enjoyed fish and chips.  They also tried a popular cookie known as Tim Tam.  They made jelly fish from the Great Barrier Reef.   Next stop-Canada! 

                                              Mrs.   Mays