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Second Grade


                             Welcoming Winter with Hard Work


The second grade is working hard.  They have been practicing adding and subtracting with regrouping.  The class has also been using different strategies to solve problems in math class.  In Superkids, the class has been enjoying the Superkids Book Club.  They read Good Night, Good Knight and Mercy Watson Fights Crime . It's fun to read books together!  The second graders are becoming accomplished authors.  They wrote autobiographies, biographies, and personal letters.  They even learned how to address the envelope and mailed it.  We celebrated in a special way the  of Feast of St.  Nicholas.  The children made beautiful paper bag puppets of this special saint.  The class received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time at the beginning of Advent.   In social studies the class learned about earning, spending, and saving money.  They also learned that countries exchange goods by using different means of transportation.  How living things grow and change was the subject of the last chapter we completed in science.  In STREAM class, the children made Christmas ornaments using Scabble pieces.  The second grade travelled to Greece in November as a part of our Passport Project.  The children learned about Greek culture, history, and famous sights.  During our trip, the children enjoyed feta cheese, spinach pies, and baklava.  They made a model of the Greek god, Zeus.  In December we travelled to France.  The children tried brie, baguette, and crepes. Next stop-England! 

Mrs. Mays