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Kindergarten & First Grade


The Kindergarten and First Grade programs at St. Therese continue with the ideals established in the Pre-school program.  The students are introduced to age-appropriate curriculum delivered with attention to their individual abilities and needs.  


Students in Kindergarten will be introduced to Reading with emphasis on the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.  Your child will read individual stories related to letters, learning the auditory and visual aspects of each.  Students in First Grade concentrate on phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and oral reading.  Children will bring home “Phonics Library” stories to read for homework. 

Language Arts

Students in Kindergarten will learn how to write the letters and what sounds the letter makes.  Reading and Language Arts address many of the same components and the curriculums overlap to give both a whole language and phonics education.  Students in First Grade will also have Reading and Language Arts programs that work together.  Emphasis will be placed on spelling, handwriting, grammar, and written communication. 


The Kindergarten Math program introduces students to geometry, comparison, time, money, fractions, measurement, addition and subtraction.  Your child will become aware of the daily calendar and other developmental uses of numbers to discover their everyday use.  In First Grade, students will learn to count, read and write numbers.  The program starts with addition and subtraction; then moves into basic geometric shapes, time and money.  St. Therese uses the Saxxon Math Program.  Your child will progress into weights and measures, even and odd numbers and place value. 


Kindergarten students are introduced to formal religious education.  Your child will learn the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church, as well as the gifts God has given us.  In First Grade, students will have daily lessons, prayer services and focus on the seasons of the Church.  Both grades emphasize forgiveness, human growth and the Church calendar.


St. Therese is excited to introduce a new Science program for Kindergarten and First Grade.  Students will use science kits which include a variety of hands-on activities. Kindergarten will emphasize life, earth and physical sciences.  First Grade will introduce weather, seasons, earth, sky, the solar system, five senses, measurement, the environment and habitats. 

Social Studies

Kindergarten students will discover the world around them.  The focus will be on countries, famous Americans, community, holidays and the government.  First Grade will build on the areas listed above.  They will also learn about families, customs, rules, and what it means to be a citizen.  They will learn about the past and present regarding their country and the symbols of America. 


To produce the best prepared students, St. Therese also provides education in the areas of Music, Art, Library, Spanish, Computers and Physical Education.