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PreK 3-PreK-4


The Pre-School program at the Academy of St. Therese provides a transitional environment from the home to a structure of formal schooling.   The Pre-School program prepares the child for future learning through a developmentally-appropriate program with attention to individual readiness and gives exposure to structure and formal skills.


The purpose of our Religion program is for each child to know the love of God and one another.   The child will learn appreciation for the world around them and will experience joy in celebrating the holidays which honor God and the Saints.   The child will learn by stories, songs, and prayer and will learn prayers appropriate for his or her age level.

Fine Arts

The child will develop an understanding and appreciation of art and become aware of the beauty of nature and the things that can be made with their individual talents.   Art brings enrichment to the daily living experience of the child.   Since art is highly personal, the end result will differ from child to child.   All work is valued and respected.


The child will learn by doing and will approach mathematics through the process of observation, exploration, discovery and creativity.   It is important at this early age to involve children as active participants in a variety of mathematical situations, as in counting, sorting, and patterning.


Science is real and vital. The goal of Science at this level is to help the child become aware of the world around him or her. The child will become acquainted with living things and will develop a respect for their environment.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Program teaches the child to be a unique individual, as well as being part of a community.   Responsibilities, appropriate behavior, and respecting cultural differences will be taught.       


                                             PreK-3  Program   

                   Limited class size with full-time teacher and assistant 

                                            Three Half Day Program

                                                  *Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:15-11:30am                     

                                             Three Full Day Program-

                                     *Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:15-2:30pm   

                                    Five Full Day Program-

                                                                        *Monday-Friday 8:15-2:30pm                                               



                                                PreK-4 Program   

                                    Limited class size with full-time teacher and assistant 

                                               Five Half Day Program-

                                    *Monday-Friday 8:15-11:30am   

                                              Five Full Day Program-

                                      *Monday-Friday 8:15-2:30pm 


Art History, Spanish, Music, Gym programs start at the Pre-K 3 level. Library and Gym begin in Pre-K 4.

All children coming to the Academy of St. Therese Pre-School must have reached the appropriate birthday by October 1 st of the school year they are admitted.   Children must be self-sufficient in taking care of his or her bathroom needs.