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Extracurricular Activities

The Academy of St. Therese provides opportunities for students to develop talents outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to express their leadership skills, as well as their cultural, social and recreational interests in a variety of ways.

Altar Servers

As an Altar Server you have been called by God to be a leader in the Mass. They are the first observed when the procession into Church begins, leading the priest to the altar. During mass altar servers help the priest with setting the altar for the Eucharist and also act as leaders to the congregation for prayer and song. Being an Altar Server makes coming to Church fun because you now are able to help participate in the celebration of the Lord. Altar serving is open to students in grades 4-8.

Art Club

The Art Club is involved in making fun art works and learning new techniques.  We will focus on materials and projects that are above and beyond the regular art classes.  We will also be involved in school beautification projects, art contests, making banners, as well as building and painting scenery for school concerts and plays.  It is open to students in grades 5 through 8 and will meet every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in the art room.  Moderator:  Mrs. Fuhrmann


Instrumental music is a means of enriching one's life by building character, promoting self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination, and it is a rich source of life-long joy, satisfaction and accomplishment. The Academy has 2 bands; a beginning band for new members and an advanced band for students who are in their second and above year of instrumental music. The band performs at a spring concert at the school.  Band is open to children in grades 3 through 8 and meets every Tuesday.  Moderator: Brendan Stavris.


St. Therese Basketball fields teams plays in the Archdiocese of Newark CYO Basketball league.   The Season begins with practice (generally twice per week) beginning in November, with games running through the basketball season.  Our JV and Varsity programs are competitive, and play with a balance between winning and learning.  This is a travel program, and parents must transport the children to all away games. Our mission is to teach the children to play and love the game of basketball, while developing a sense of teamwork, discipline and improving each player’s ability to play the game.  Our Pee Wee program is instructional and every member of the team will play.  Moderator:  Careen Longo


The AST Choir consists of 70 students ranging from grade 4 to grade 8.  The choir meets once a week for 40 minutes to prepare for monthly masses as well as other annual events such as the Christmas and Spring musical productions and an annual visit to and performance for the retired sisters on Knickerbocker Road, among others.  They perform at the Academy's annual Veteran's Day presentation and at the National Honors Society induction. The choir learns and sings many different styles of music ranging from religious to musical theater to pop.  Moderator:  Mrs. Minetti


The Garden Club is open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The club primarily focuses on the Academy of St. Therese Little Flower Garden, located outside the first grade and preschool classes. Students will have the opportunity to explore planting and caring for a variety of plants, as well as composting and garden design. The club meets from three to four o’clock on Tuesday afternoons. Moderator is Ms. Marilyn Fuhrmann.

Jr. High School Dances

The Jr. High Dance is open to students in grades 6 through 8.  It includes not only at the students in  Academy but also to our surrounded Catholic School's Jr. High students.  The dances are held twice a year; once in the fall and again in the Spring and it gives the students a place to socialize in a safe environment for a few hours and have fun and meet other students from a different school.  

National Junior Beta Society

The Junior Beta Society is an academic honor society made up of junior high students focused on providing a service for the school community.  The club meets during school hours on an as-needed basis.  The Junior Beta Society Works hard throughout the year to uphold and follow the four original pillars of leadership, scholarship, service, and character.  Moderator: Mr. David Pomeroy

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts builds leadership skills for success in the real world in an accepting and nurturing environment. Girl Scouts discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together.  The Academy has different levels of troops depending on the age of the children;  Daisies, Brownies,  Jr. Girl Scouts and Cadettes. Girl Scout troop meetings are held after school and the times and frequencies of the meetings are at the discretion of the troop leaders.

Student Council

Student Council functions to benefit the school, its students and the Catholic community.  It encourages students to take leadership roles for the purpose of promoting stewardship as a way of life.  Representatives are from grades 4 through 8 and the Council's executive board meet the first Thursday of the month.  Moderator: Mrs. Barbara Shetty

Theater Week Production



The T.W.I.G.S. program especially for Middle School youth. Not only are they the “little” Branches, but their name stands for “Together Walking in God’s Shadow”. This program includes monthly social & service events/sessions for this age group. The goal is  to impact more teens and young adults to Christ! Creating friendships is an important aspect of all the programs in these ministries and if you check it out you’ll see that it’s more than just a group “meeting”. There is something for  Everyone. These ministries are the perfect way for young people to continue their journey of faith, growing closer to our Lord and using their own gifts and talents, while building relationships that will last forever!  Moderator: Ms. Gina Marie Loiacono